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Whenever a document is scanned and it is being saved into a digital form, it is a must that the original formant is converted to one that can be supported by moss systems so that it can easy to access the scanned document. The most likely conversion will be in the OCR/ICR/OMR formats. In this conversion the document is converted by the use of conversion software. The function of this software is to translate all the images from a written text format to a text that can be edited by the machine. Most of the time this conversion is done after the scanning and it may be formatted to word, excel or any other appropriate format.

The other step to take after the document has been scanned is to choose the type of OCR/ICR/OMR conversion to use. There are about three formats to use and the one decide upon will definitely depend on the quality of the original document and the level of accuracy that that the client expects. Additionally, to be able to use this conversion format, the quality of the document will be the first thing to be checked.

In the case of the first level of this kind of conversion this is more straightforward and the documents are usually converted to word format. With the second level this is used in original documents that have some layouts that are complex. It may be in the form of tables of flow charts or complex graphics. If the exact arrangement, layout and everything is to remain the same with the converted document then this is the level to use. The third level is the proof reading level with correction done manually.

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