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Convert Documents to Digitalized Form

Project Name: Convert Documents to Digitalized Form

Project Duration: 1 Year

Client Location: Germany

Output Format: PDF/JPEG

Project Description:
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are a medium-sized enterprise in Germany and we are principally concerned with the storage of files.

In the next future we would like to realign to a digitalized form. It seems to us, that you might be the right contact for this development.

Please, give us some more information about transport, insurance and prices.

This is a short presentation of the volume we’re talking about .

For the beginning we would like to send you round about 6.000 files with a volume of approximately 300-400 pages.
1) We would like to send you approximately 330 boxes and in each box are round about 30 files.
2) The weight for one box is approximately 28 kilo.
3) The page size of the files is A4.

We hope that these details can be helpful for you to give us more information.


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